Possessing an endangered or threatened bird is a misdemeanor


Illegal hunting of birds of prey as they head north over Italy has been reduced drasticallyin the past 20 years and Roger’s input and efforts helped LIPU and others to achieve this. “Roger wasone of those rare people who are able to inspire others to do greater things than they thought possible cheap jordans0,” said Giancarlo Polinori, a board member of LIPU. Roger was a brillant teacher of state politics, but conservation was his greatest passion and from 1974 he decided to dedicate his life to protect the enviroment and animals..

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cheap jordans for sale Even if the animal is killed in the strike cheap jordans, it is illegal to take possession of the bird, according to Officer Ryan Gildea, who covers northern Monroe County for the Pennsylvania Game Commission. Possessing an endangered or threatened bird is a misdemeanor under state law. Any other bird of prey is a summary offense.. cheap jordans for sale

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